The Centenary of the Battle of Basheeba

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The Battle of Basheeba

With time running out for the Australians to capture the town & the water wells of Beersheba (which is now part of Israel) before dark, the Australian commander of the Desert Mounted Corps, ordered the 4th Light Horse Brigade, to make a mounted attack directly towards the town.

The Last Great Cavalry Charge

The Australian Light Horse was to be used purely as cavalry for the first time. Although they were not equipped with cavalry sabres, the Turks who faced the long bayonets held by the Australians opened fire with shrapnel. But the pace was too fast for the gunners. Supported by British artillery the front trench and the main trench were jumped and the battle was won. Nearly all the wells of Beersheba were intact.

A Tasmanian Story

Henry Charles Trowbridge

A Tasmanian Story

Henry Charles Trowbridge was a grocer's assistant from Branxholme, in the NE of Tasmania. He embarked from Adelaide on the 29th January 1915 aboard HMAT Botanist & joined the, 5th Reinforcements, 3rd Light Horse Regiment. Tpr Trowbridge died of wounds on 1 November 1917, at Beersheba, aged 22 years. A gumtree was planted at the head of his grave.

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